Diving with the Coelacanth: The fish Out of Time by Gil Kebaili


120 metres down off the wild coast of South Africa lives an animal once thought to have been extinct for 65 million years - the coelacanth, locally known as Gombessa.

A dinosaur fish, a living fossil, that remains the only link connecting fish to terrestrial tetrapods: its fins contain the beginning of reptile and mammal leg bones! And what about the vestigial lung found at the back of its huge mouth? …

A team of underwater explorers will film these legendary fish like never before.

A unique human adventure and a media-worthy scientific project.


Production: ARTE France, Les Films d’ici, Andromède Océanologie et CNRS Images

Director: Gil Kebaili

Languages: French / English

Subtitles: /

Length: 90 minutes

Code EAN : 3760121807267

Bonus DVD

• Dive Team Interviews

• Presentation of diving equipments by Laurent Ballesta

• Blancpain Ocean Commitment


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