Conquerors (5 films) by Vincent Amouroux


The king crab, the pine processionary caterpillar, the lionfish and the fire ant. As far as biologists know, these four species are responsible for the fastest animal invasions in recent decades, making them the most successful invaders on the planet.

In their native habitats, however, these creatures form part of the ecological balance. But introduced by man into new territories, they wipe out other species, monopolize food supplies, and can be fiercely territorial, ultimately posing a threat to the existing biodiversity.

Who are these fearsome conquerors? How do they multiply so fast? What is the secret to their successful domination?

The scientific community is keen to answer these questions to better understand the threat they represent to biodiversity. Scientists also want to probe their capacity for genetic modification, behavioral change and reorganization of social hierarchy which allows them to establish unrivaled dominion over new territories.

With the help of these experts, we will discover the formidable biological advantages of these exceptional species, and will explore methods to control their expansion.


Production: ZED & Arte France 

Director: Vincent Amouroux

Language: French

Subtitles: /

Length: 260 minutes


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