Himalaya, a Path to the Sky by Marianne Chaud


The exceptional itinerary of Kenrap, a charismatic little monk. Welcome to another planet. A breathtaking landscape, a valley at an altitude of 4000 meters, on the peaks of the Himalayan mountains. Welcome to the Phuktal monastery of Zanskar where monks live a medieval existence on a cliff cut off from the rest of the world. For three months, the director, marianne chaud, shares the daily life of this Buddhist community and the school children living there. She follows them during their philosophy lessons, their chores, games and prayers. Among them, Kenrap, aged eight, the hero of the film, is the reincarnation of a 68 year-old monk. Discover his exceptional itinerary.



Director: Marianne Chaud

Editing: Françoise Berger Garnault

Original Music: Olivier Bernet

2009 / Durée: 65 minutes / Couleur – Dolby Digital

Duration: 65 minutes

PRODUCTION: ZED / ARTE France with the collaboration of TV5 Monde

Director: Marianne Chaud


International Film Festival of Washington DC (United State)
Official Selection
Etonnants Voyageurs Festival (France)
Official Selection
Académie des César (France)
César Nomination of Best Documentary
Film Festival of Lessina (Italy)
Silver Lessinia - 2nd Best Film
Mountain Film Festival of Trento (Italy)
Grand Prize
Val d’Isère Film Festival (France)
CMC Hope Award
Les Diablarets Film Festival (Switzerland)
Diable d'Or - World Cultures Category - President Prize
International Film Festival of Vancouver (Canada)
Official Selection
Film Festival of Autrans (France)
Public Prize / Geographic National Prize
International Mountain Film Festival Torello (Espagne)
Official Selection
Georges de Caunes Film Festival
Jarre d'Or
International Buddhist Film Festival (UK)
Official Selection
International Women's Film Festival Dortmund (Germany)
Audience Award
Visions du Réel Festival of Nyon (France)
Official Selection
FIPATEL (France)
Official Selection
Etonnants Voyageurs Festival
Official Selection
Dok Leipzig Festival (Germany)
Official Selection


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