Investigation & Politics 52'

Vegetarian meat, a sustainable solution

The new ethical claim that pushes to consume vegetables resounds today as a real necessity due to the climatic emergency and the rise of the environmental conscience. Thus, plant-based meat is surging onto the shelves of supermarkets as the world's population measures the extent of the ecological and health impact of meat production.

What are the stakes in a society in full environmental crisis? Is it realistic to consider vegetable meat as the perfect substitute for meat? What does this behavioral upheaval say about our society?

The film offers a vast overview of the solutions used to consider eating differently, and questions the meaning of these new consumption patterns between habits, current trends and prospects for evolution. More than an investigation, it is a question of finding positive ways of thinking that allow us to move from a society of abundance to a society of sobriety and respect. By putting together positive and concrete initiatives that are already working, the film begins to see what tomorrow's world could be.

Direction: Sylvie Aguirre

Production: ZED

Delivery: January 2023

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