True crime 4x52'

Highway to hell: the story of a $100M failure

This is the story of one of the most extraordinary sagas of international drug trafficking. A thriller with an improbable cast, where South American drug dealers meet Hells Angels, as well as running into French, American and Canadian investigators, and the plot plays out on a legendary Vendée Globe yacht.

At the heart of the melodrama, Martin Lepage, a straightforward ambulance driver from Quebec, finds himself caught up in an affair that is far too complex for him: an exceptional load of 1.5 tons of cocaine, a cumbersome package with an estimated value of 100 million dollars. Gradually caught in a tightening net between international customs officers who are tracking him down and particularly aggressive Canadian Hells Angels, Martin Lepage’s story begins as a banal news item before gradually spinning out of control and taking a dramatic turn which culminates in the death of a man. His son.

In this thriller, where the lead role is played by a real goof, the storytelling will be based on the many twists and turns of this perilous mission that takes us around the world, from the north of Quebec to the small, quiet island of Noirmoutier in the Vendée, before making a stopover at the cartels of Colombia and ending tragically in the Caribbean. The series will draw on the style of the Coen brothers’ "Fargo", moving from the dramatic to the ridiculous, appropriating the codes of detective fiction to give the viewer a front row seat to our ordinary hero’s slide into organized crime.

Direction: Clément Godart, Alexandre Mehring & Raphaël Rouyer

Production: Cat & Cie, Incognita Doc

Delivery: Spring 2023

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