Travel & Adventure 52'

My feelings about mountain

Why do we love the mountain? Why do we climb it? When and how did it start to fascinate and attract people? These simple questions are the starting point of Stéphanie Bodet's quest as a climbing champion and writer.


To answer those questions, Stéphanie wishes to go to the sources of mountainering. However, this will not be an alpine journey... but a journey to the heart of the British regions which remain to this day the places to be for all those who love summits.


But England is also the cradle of the first landscape writers. For these adventurers were also the first to put into words their sensations and emotions. The writings of British poets and poetesses - William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge, have also inspired Stephanie in her relationship with the mountains.

Direction: Vincent Perazio & Bertrand Delapierre

Production: ZED

With Stéphanie Bodet

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