Science 4K 52'


With the health crisis, our already hyper hygienic urban lifestyle has been exacerbated to make barrier to Covid 19. But the latest scientific advances prove that we must fight with caution against microbes. Their abundance is the source of our good health, at the heart of the balance of our ecosystems.


To explore this global approach to life, we’ll meet with scientists who study the link between human health and the health of the microbes present in our daily universe. Their analyses show that it is essential to live surrounded by microbes. So, what is the solution to make microbes grow, even though we are constantly fighting against their proliferation? In this quest, we’ll follow scientists who innovate every day to reimplant microbes that are beneficial to our organism.


With precise and spectacular photographs of the microbial world, the film reveals an invisible universe that offers brand new perspectives for the health, not only of humans, but of all living things.

Direction: Vincent Barthélemy

Production: Little Big Story for ARTE France & TV5 Québec

Delivery: December 2023

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