Travel & Adventure 52'

Kerguelen, aux confins du monde

Kerguelen, Crozet, Tromelin... these French islands at the end of the world arouse dreams and fantasies. Four times a year, only one ship, the Marion Dufresne, leaves Reunion Island to drop off or pick up the few chosen ones who venture there for a few weeks.

Emmanuel Lepage, author and cartoonist, finally realizes his dream. Ten years after his first trip aboard the Marion Dufresne, he will be able to immerse himself in one of the most mythical of archipelagos: Kerguelen.
For a month, we will follow the artist in his retreat in the heart of the archipelago, living within micro human societies that, despite the danger and the hostility of the place, try to reinvent a "living together" close to extraordinary animals in an exceptional sanctuary. His goal: to draw the unspeakable. 

Direction: Cécile Clochret & François Picard

Production: ZED for ARTE France

Delivery: Early 2023

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