Investigation & Politics 52’ 90’

Invisible revolutions

In societies based on immediacy in which high-speed living has become the norm, some have decided to turn their backs on the acceleration of life and are trying to slow down this movement that seems destined for ecological, economic and social catastrophe.

Who are these new rebels, and who are seeking ways to rediscover a more patient and harmonious relationship with time?

Every day, throughout the world – in Europe, Latin America, the United States and India – they are experimenting individually or collectively with concrete local alternatives to lead a better lifestyle and to invent new paradigms. The “relocalization” of the economy is already underway, inspiring new practices such as local currencies, alternative credit solutions, non-profit supermarkets and locally produced energy.

On the margins of the mainstream model, these pioneers are perhaps already shaping the world of tomorrow.

Direction: Philippe Borrel

Production: Cinétévé

Languages: French, English

awards & festivals

  • International Environment Film Festival

    Selected in the "People have the power category"

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