History 52'

WWII, the Secret Race to the Atomic Bomb

1945. The Americans have just wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki by dropping two atomic bombs on these Japanese cities, killing more than 180,000. These two bombs dealt a deathblow to the Japanese Empire, which surrendered on 2 September 1945.

But there is another facet to this story which is little known. The origin of this new atomic weapon was in Germany, which carried out the first research into the technology. Convinced that Hitler was on the verge of developing the atom bomb, Roosevelt did everything in his power to stop the Nazis getting their hands on it first. The United States embarked upon the biggest secret operation in history, with the astronomical budget of 26 billion dollars, bringing together the best scientific minds in the world. Codename: the Manhattan Project. In parallel, a frenetic race against the clock was also playing out between the Allied powers, since the Soviets were also prepared to do anything to develop the A-bomb.

Blending archive footage and interviews with historians and the last remaining eyewitnesses, this film lifts the veil on a frantic no-holds-barred arms race, upon which the fate of the world would depend.

Direction: Juliette Desbois

Production: Let's Pix with the participation of RMC Découverte

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