Travel & Adventure 52' 90'


Throughout the globe, Spain is perceived as a place of party, sun and leisure. Yet, these images hardly fit the social and political reality. Although the country experienced considerable economic growth after the years of dictatorship, it entered a total crisis in 2008, which radically threatened its territorial cohesion. Now comes the time to revise its strategies and rethink its future prospects.


From dawn to dusk, the country narrates itself through the rhythm of its cities, such as Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Seville, which now have become economic engines. Its story unfolds along itscoastlines with international influence, and whose port activities are undergoing a complete transformation. Its evolution can also be seen in the heart of its vast rural areas - Extremadura, Andalusia, the Duoro Valley - and its natural reserves, such as the Picos de Europa Park or the Doñana Park. This documentary invites us to travel through Spain in 24 hours, in order to understand its history and its major changes.


Combining its beautiful landscapes with the testimonies of its inhabitants, this film shows how this fifth power of the European Union tries to overcome its decade of crisis.  In the course of this journey, a sincere and meticulous portrait of Spain emerges before our eyes.

Direction: Thimotée Janssen & Mathieu Valluet

Production: Point du Jour & ARTE France

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