Science (5)

AI: Inside Artificial Intelligence 52'

Discover the first documentary co-directed by an Artificial Intelligence! A unique technological adventure that will take us closer to A.I. than ever before.

Ancient Earth 52' & 90' 4K

10 million species are living on our planet. They represent only 4% of all the species recorded. What happened to those that have disappeared? Travel back in time to visit the 5 most powerful extinction events in Earth's history.

The Weather: The Race to Forecast 52' & 90'

Look at the most spectacular weather phenomena and discover how scientists predict the weather and, each year, improve their predictions to avoid disasters.

Tsunamis 52' 4K

Using the most advanced geophysical methods along with the study of ancient tsunamis, this scientific investigation helps us understand the tsunamis of the future: where they will strike and how we might eventually prepare for them.

Under The Pole - collection 5x52'

A team of adventurers takes us on an expedition to explore the sea depths all around the world. To reach this goal, they will be surrounded by a team of experts. A fabulous human and scientific adventure that immerses us into the unknown.