Korea: the never-ending war 2x52' by John Maggio


The Korean War was possibly the most important event since WW2 - a war that never really ended, influencing international relations to this day. Despite millions of deaths and refugees, this war has been nearly forgotten. With the recent opening of archives in Russia, the U.S., China and South Korea, new historical material is now available, including color films and hundreds of photographs, to rediscover a little-known conflict that shaped our world.

Korea: The Never-Ending War brings to light a new history of the event, plunging us into a critical turning point in world history. To understand the present situation, we need to revisit the past.


Production: WETA / ARK Media / ZED for PBS

Realisation: John Maggio

Delivery date: December 2018

Genre: History

Available versions: English


Episode 1 : 1910-1950: How it begins
Episode 2 : 1950-1953: The never-ending war

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