Humanima 31x26'


This series explores the world of men and women who have forged a unique bond with wildlife and nature. They have dedicated their lives to their passion. They care deeply about the protection of the environment and share a common desire for the preservation of animal life. They make us realize that we can respect and share our world with other species.

Meet a veterinarian busy with springtime newborns at the zoo, men and women who provide shelter for sick and abandoned animals, rehabilitate birds of prey, study whales, ducks, geese or a population of wild horses on an island off the Atlantic Ocean. The 36-episode series Humanima is a unique encounter with these unsung heroes.



Genre: Nature

Available versions: French, English


On the Cougar Trail

Life in the Lands of Gibbons

Life Beneath the Dome

Encounter with the White King

Echo of the Sea

The Roving Monarch

Elephant Memoirs

Rescuing the Turtles

Gorillas and Men

Life with Marine Mammals

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